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Electrified Concertina Wire

Electrified Concertina WireElectrified Concertina wire constitutes a physical barrier and includes a detection and deterrence system.

Electrified Concertina wire is composed of a roll of Concertina wire, with a smooth inner electrified coil insulated from the outer roll.

It is compact, easy to transport, and can be readily installed on walls and fences or used in pyramid barriers.

Install Wire-cutting Barriers Concertina Wire
The need to prevent unauthorized access by unauthorized persons into the territory of protected sites allows for a spiral barrier (SBB) concertina in enterprises of all sectors, both as a main technical means of protection, and in conjunction with electronic means of detection.

The effectiveness and simplicity of mounting the barricades of barbed wire concertina make it possible to erect a secure physical barrier, both the permanent and temporary nature, with minimal cost.

In a residential area practiced method of mounting the barricades on top of the fence, assembly takes place in three stages:

The stipulation concertina towers on the fence, and wire mounting spiral;
Laying in a spiral-formed bracket;
The wire spiral.

Recommendations for installation:
When you install a fence on the fence, on each pillar (pillar) to install bracket to welding or nails (the distance between the brackets should be 3-4 meters, the height of a fence over a 50 mm diameter of more barricades, the form and method of attachment to the fence bracket according arbitrary Construction of the fence).

Concertina wire stretched the operating position and enshrined in the arm steel wire diameter of 2 mm at two points. When installing the next round of the first cycle of extreme spiral connected with the extreme spiral second spiral steel wire diameter of 2 mm in two diametrically opposite field.

Concertina coil barbed wire specification info:
Reference number CBT-65
Thickness: 0.6 +_ 0.05.
Wire Diam.: 2.5+_ 0.1.
Barb Length: 65 +_2.
Barb Width: 21 +_ 1.
Barb Spacing: 100 +_ 2.
Outside Diameter: 450mm - 500mm.
No of loops: 33 - 56.
Single Coil.
Materials Type
1,Stainless steel razor wire.
2,Zinc–coated razor wire.
Both bounded together by clips to make it more strength.
Galvanized wire as tie wire for concertina wire fence installation.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: plastic films inside and nylon woven outside,water-proof paper or according to customer
Delivery Detail: 2days--10days

BTO-22 Electrified Concertina Razor Wire

Galvanized steel and Stainless steel plate
style: BTO or CBT
Wire dia.2.5mm;
Barbed length:10-65mm
Used for military, prison, fence project

concertina razor wire barbed tape is crimped on a hot dip galvanized high tensile spring steel core wire and hence cannot be cut by ordinary means. It is easily and expediently installation. It has been widely used in airport, key military sites, border line, prison, government, bank, bounding wall of villa, highway, security window ,fence of railway and etc. in many countries, barbed razor wire is welcomed by army and police.

Regular size for single loop and concertina razor barbed wire:
Cover length: 7m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m or customize
Out diameter: 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 730mm, 800mm, 980mm or customize
Blade style: BTO-10, 12, 18, 22, 30 CBT-65