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Mild Steel Expanded Metal

Mild Steel Expanded Metal is formed by punching, slitting, and expanding, plain or galvanized steel coils or sheets. There are variations of metal lath, all providing excellent results for particular applications. Since it is more expensive than wire lath, metal lath is usually only used on soffits, on walls supported by metal studs, or for small patches. There are two general types of metal lath: those with ribs and those without. Metal lath without ribs is called diamond mesh.

Material: galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and so on.

Type: flat, self-furring dimples, "v" ribs

Size: 27"x97" or 27"x96"

Weight /Sq.Yd.: 1.75bls, 2.00bls, 2.50bls, 3.4bls

Packing:10sheets/bundle; 500 sheets/steel pallet 

Accordingly, the expanded mild steel products are defaulted with a finish of hot dipped galvanizing if other stated. The hot dipped zinc plating adds a beautiful silver bright to the surface as well as adds good corrosion resistance and a long service life to the expanded steel metal sheets.

There are several reasons for wide application of Expanded Steel Metal Mesh:
Economic Cost;
One piece construction and uniform flatness;
Easy processing: easy cutting and shearing;
Versatile uses;
Excellent weight-to-strength ratio;
Ventilation properties;
Other properties.

Expanded steel can be divided into three types according to its loading capacity: small, medium and heavy type expanded metal mesh. Each type has different uses.

Diamond, square, round, triangular, hexagonal ,scale hole and decorative.

Hot Sizes:
LWD: 3 - 200mm
SWD: 2.5 - 80mm
Strand Thickness: 0.3 - 8mm
Strand Width: 0.3 - 8mm
Width: 0.5 - 3m
Length:1 - 100m

Processing: Perforating and stamping the metal sheet.

Surface treatment: PVC coated, Galvanized, Epoxy resin, Anodic oxidation, Antirust paint etc.


Expanded metal steel is mainly used in building construction, decoration, various fencing, guarding, ventilation and screening, also used as floor grate and walkways for tankers, heavy machinery and boilers, oil mines, locomotives, ships. Details:
1: Used for reinforcing concrete in buildings as expanded steel lathing mesh.
2: Also fencing for super highway, studio, highway.
3: Heavy expanded steel grates can be used as step mesh of oil tanks, working platform, corridor and floor grate for heavy model equipment, boiler, petroleum and mine well, automobile vehicles, big ships.
4: Decorative steel sheet for interior and outer design of various buildings and architectures.
5. Machine guards.
6. Ventilation Screen.

Expanded Metal Lath Stainless steel epxnaded metal lath


This lath has eighteen ribs approximately 1/8 inch high, spaced 1½ inches on center to provide additional rigidity for horizontal stucco applications. There are approximately 8,500 openings or keys per square yard to aid in keying. 2.75 lb. and 3.4lb. may be used for horizontal spans up to 16” o.c. and 19” o.c. respectively when installation follows ASTM C1063. This product is also used extensively as a base for ceramic tile.

Nominal sheet size 27” x 97”
10 pcs. (20 square yards) per bundle -
50 bundles (1000 square yards) per pallet.
All diamond mesh lath is produced from hot dip
galvanized steel per ASTM A653, A924 and C847.

Weight Per Square Yard
Flat and High Rib Mesh
2.75 lb. / sy
Flat Rib
3.4 lb. / sy
Flat Rib
3.4 lb. / sy
3/8" High Rib
4.0 lb. / sy
3/8" High Rib

DIAMOND MESH LATH/Expanded Metal Lath
is manufactured by slitting and stretching galvanized steel to
form small opening to allow the keying of plaster so it will
bond to the lath. Each sheet has square ends and smooth
parallel edges for fast, easy handling and installation. Diamond
Mesh Lath can be bent easily to create curved surfaces.

Diamond Mesh Lath
Weight per Square Yard
Sheet Size
Pcs per Bundle
Sq. Yards per Bundle
1.75 lbs.
27" x 97"
2.5 lbs.
27" x 97"
3.4 lbs.
27" x 97"

raw material- mild steel expanded metal mesh
1. iron plate:Q235,Q195,Q195L,SPHC,SPCC
2. stainless steel plate:201,304,304L,316,316L,430
3. aluminum plate:1050,1060,3003,5005,5052,etc.

Packing-mild steel expanded metal mesh
iron pallet with waterproof paper
wooden case with waterproof paper
wooden pallet with waterproof paper


Stainless steel, low carbon steel, Aluminum plate etc.

Product Specifications

SWD*LWD: 10mm×20mm , 8mm×15mm , 7mm×12mm

Strand Width: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm etc.


LWM*SWM:1m*2m,1.22m*2.4m etc

Can be customized according to customer requirements

Hole shape

Diamond, square hole, scale hole

Surface Treatment

Hot dipped galvanize, cold dipped galvanize,spray paint, PVC coated, powder coated,polish


Highway fence,sports venues fence,Road green belt protection, foot network,Locomotives, ships, such as working platforms, escalators, walkways.Also can be used for construction, roads, bridges for rebar.