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Wire Products Catalog

Razor Wire also named razor mesh, razor barbed wire. Barbed wire and razor mesh  are two well known security installations used worldwide to protect boundaries whether they be for humans or for animals.

Razor Mesh Products

We supply concertina coil wire, single coil razor wire, razor flat fence, welded razor mesh, razor mobile security barrier, straight, razor wire, electrified concertina wire, razor ribbons, stainless steel razor wire, galvanized razor wire, razor coil fencing, single barbed wire, double twisted barbed wire, normal twisted barbed wire, galvanized barbed iron wire, PVC coated barbed wire, wall spike and machine. View More

Wall Spike

Anti climb wall spikes are potentially dangerous and should be attached to walls and fences at a minimum height of 2m. The installed spikes must avoid any and all contact with pedestrian traffic and be installed in a highly visible manner in compliance with local laws and regulations and necessary warning signs fitted.

Gabion Baskets Cage

Gabion Baskets cages are defined as heavily galvanized (or PVC coated ) steel wire mesh box-shaped baskets of various sizes. gabion cages are filled on site with clean-hard stones.

Temporary Fence Panels

Temporary Fence Panels is a quick and convenient solution. Our high quality Chainlink Fence Panels are free-standing so no drilling is required (protecting your pavement), are portable, and can be configured in many shapes. Constructed of chainlink, these fence panels can be installed, placed, moved and reconfigured in minutes.

Razor Barbed Wire Machine

We provides razor barbed wire machine to produce different sizes of razor wires. It is equipped with cutters of 5 different shapes.

Single Strand Type Barbed Wire Machine

Single Strand Barbd Wire Machine is make up by spool wire and twist wire two parts. The machine can produce all kinds of barbed wires. At present , just this kind of machine can produce the barbed wire mesh.

Double Twisted Barbed Wire Machine

This type barbed wire machine is make up by spool wire and twist wire two parts. The machine can produce all kinds of barbed wires. At present, just this kind of machine can produce the barbed wire mesh.

Straight and Reverse Twisted Barbed Wire Machine

This machine is used to produce double strand straight and reverse twisted barbed wire. The material used is low carbon steel wire meeting the standard of GB/T343-94. Finished products made by this machine are widely used as fencing and protecting materials in national defense, railway, expressway, agriculture and animal feeding.

Galvanized Wire

Galvanized steel wire, also known as galvanized iron wire, finds most uses in binding of construction materials or weaving of galvanized wire mesh products.

Stainless Steel Haredware Cloth

 stainless steel hardware cloth is used in filtering liquid, gas and pulp.The opening can be square, rectangular or special opening. Normally, this kind of wire mesh has standard opening sizes.uniform opening, good permeability and high strength.The raw materials should be chosen according to different environments of applications.

Perforated Metal

We produces a wide range of perforated metal plates in steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, copper, brass and many other materials. Also available are perforated products including architectural mesh and perforated tubes. 

Expanded Metal Lath

Expanded metal steel is mainly used in building construction, decoration, various fencing, guarding, ventilation and screening, also used as floor grate and walkways for tankers, heavy machinery and boilers, oil mines, locomotives, ships.